bub #1

Pregnancy, what a crazy thing – this body you have known your whole life changes AND you’re in charge of another human life!  Needless, to say, I had a LOT of questions when that nubbin first appeared in the grainy ultrasound.

Baby #1 arrived in November, 2013. Baby #2 arrived in September 2015.  But the mysteries of pregnancy plague me and the questions just keep coming!

So here I continued, diving into the mysteries of pregnancy and new mommy-hood the best way I know how – through science.

My PhD and I spent over a decade as a research physiologist exploring the world of stress and reproduction.  A few years ago, I moved on from academia and jumped fully into the world of pregnancy and women’s health, working for an incredible start-up called Bloomlife that perfectly captures my goal for all moms-to-be: Give the ladies more information!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not around here much any more. BUT, I am still writing and editing and running a publication focused on better (and more interesting!) information about pregnancy. It’s called Preg U. And its awesome.

Check it out.

Or better yet, sign up for our newsletter. It’s pretty awesome too.



  1. Lynn

    I really enjoyed reading your posts. As an engineer born with an analytic mind, I too find myself walking the line of nature and science.

  2. lauren

    I love this. Thank you for creating the pregnant scientist … feel free to continue with the crazy science of babies/young development….

  3. Sherri

    This is such an amazing blog. A thousand times thank you!!

    There is a post about the Placenta in 2013 with a few references to another post to follow on the topic, but I am unable to locate it. Is there another post I am missing?

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