Pregnancy, what a crazy thing – this body you have known your whole life changes AND you’re in charge of another human life!  Needless, to say, I had a LOT of questions when that nubbin first appeared in the grainy ultrasound.

Baby #1 arrived in November, 2013. Baby #2 arrived in September 2015.  But the mysteries of pregnancy plague me and the questions just keep coming!

I am a trained research physiologist exploring the world of stress and reproduction.  I also recently started working for an excellent start-up called Bloom Technologies that perfectly captures my pregnancy dilemma – Give the ladies more information!

So here I am, diving into the mysteries of pregnancy and new mommy-hood the best way I know how – through science.



  1. Lynn

    I really enjoyed reading your posts. As an engineer born with an analytic mind, I too find myself walking the line of nature and science.

  2. lauren

    I love this. Thank you for creating the pregnant scientist … feel free to continue with the crazy science of babies/young development….

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